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Chocolate Caramel Easter Eggs

Serves: 32 servings


1 11-ounce can of Nature’s Charm condensed coconut milk

Vegan chocolate of choice

Easter Egg Mold – or Christmas, Valentines, Halloween Shapes



  • Make culce de leche by boiling the entire sealed can for approximately 2-3 hours.  The condensed milk will thicken up and change to a yellow color.

  • Once the dulce de leche is done and cooled, melt the vegan chocolate and fill them in the egg molds so that the chocolate goes up to the sides.  Make sure the eggs aren’t too full.

  • Place the chocolate shells in the fridge to set then take them out and add the caramel. It is easier with a pipping bag.

  • Fill the molds to the top with some more melted chocolate.  

  • Place the chocolates back in the fridge again to set.