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Pumuen organic wild mountain Assam tea is grown organically in the high mountains of Northern Thailand at an attitude of 1,250 meters above sea level.  The high altitude and ideal soil condition, mist or clouds, humidity and cool tropical weather make the tea grow slowly but assure stronger leaves that yield a highly natural flavor.  Fresh leaves are plucked from early spring to late fall by locals of Lahu-tribes and processed using a traditional tea making method to produce a strong bright tea.


The phenolic compounds in Assam tea have antioxidant properties and function to reduce the damage of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species on your cells.



Organic forest-friendly, free-grown camellia assamica green tea and natural lychee flavor




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Pumuen organic wild mountain tea - Lychee Green 30g

  • Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.


    Ingredient:  Organic forest-friendly, free-grown camellia assamica green tea and natural lychee flavor

    Size:  30g

    Packing:  pouch

    Country of origin:  Thailand