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Ti-Shine Daily Ultra Body Shampoo

3 What it is:

A high quality naturopathic shampoo containing yeast extract, a combination of wheat proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, designed to promote hair growth.

Its potent natural ingredients will help repair damaged hair while restoring the scalp's natural oil balance, leaving hair manageable, soft, shiny and bouncy. Suitable for most hair type as well as oil-prone scalps.


3 What it does:

Effectively nourishes hair and scalp, restoring balance of natural oil to promote healthy hair growth.

Repairs fragile or damaged hair, preventing split ends and breakage.

Strengthens chemically treated hair by fortifying hair cells with proteins.


3 Main active ingredients:

Contains a combination of wheat proteins, vitamins and mineral salts.

Wheat proteins repair damaged hair follicles and hair shafts, thereby extending the life cycle of hair, while promoting new growth.

Yeast extract provides essential amino acids and Vitamin B complex vital for a healthy scalp and strong hair.

Mandarin orange, rich in Vitamin C, has anti-aging and restorative properties, in addition to a fresh scent.

3 How to use:

Wet hair with warm water, lather, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


3 When to use:

Suitable for daily use.


3 Companion products:

Use with Ti-Shine Daily Ultra Body Conditioner.


3 Results:

*Thoroughly cleanses hair without drying it out, leaving it manageable, silky soft and glossy.

*Restores and maintains good scalp health.

*Strengthens hair and extends growth cycle.

*Enhances natural body and bounce.


Naturopathic approach designed to focus on treating the root cause, rather than the appearance or symptoms.


Suitable for most hair types to oil-prone scalps.




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Ti-Shine - Naturopathy Daily Ultra Body Shampoo (3) - 720ml

SKU: TS7036
  • Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.


    Country of origin:  Australia produced and China bottling