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natnat organic centrifuged extra virgin coconut oil

Using state of the art, proprietary extraction methods, natnat produce the world's finest coconut oil from the freshest, certified organic coconuts.


natnat organic coconut sap sugar

Produced from coconut sap, the nutrient source to grow coconuts, its low glycemic index makes it the best alternative to cane sugar for a healthy low GI diet.  

About Us

Founded in 2017, natnat briefly stands for natural from nature.  It is a brand focused on natural foods and beverages primary related to coconut.  Natnat's goal is to supply natural, low sugar, no additive food and beverage products at an affordable price. 


In addition, we also strongly believe in naturopathy lifestyle of living.  By supplying series of naturopathy products using Australia natural ingredients free from chemicals, we believe that it is important to rebuild the healthy state of our body from the roots as well. 


We are passionate about health and wellness and this translates into high quality products for the health conscious consumers today.   


coconut milk

Using premium coconut milk and coconut water without adding any preservative or artificial colour or flavors, natnat coconut milk has three choices of flavor: regular coconut milk, pineapple coconut milk  with pure pineapple juice extract and chocolate coconut milk with premium cocoa powder.  

natnat coconut milk is perfect for your breakfast and daily beverage choices.

natnat toasted coconut chips

Using fresh coconut meat, peeled and roasted to perfection.  natnat toasted coconut chips are all natural without any additive, preservative, artificial color or flavors.  It is cholesterol free and rich in lauric acid.  It is a perfect no  guilt snack for small kids and big kids.

Nature's Charm vegan series

Nature’s Charm provides a new vegan choice for all basic ingredients and toppings of desserts by using coconut.

The coconut milk series include all natural coconut milk, coconut whipping cream, coconut condensed milk and coconut evaporated milk.

The coconut sauces series has different flavors:  caramel, salted caramel, butter scotch, chocolate fudge and matcha.

All Natural's Charm products are dairy free, egg free, soy free, gluten free, lactose free, cholesterol free, trans fat free, preservative free and cruelty free.